It’s someone’s anniversary – and we are dead chuffed she is with us.

Written by Toby Gavin

Almost 2 years ago to the day, we welcomed Vicky Hayden to the ever-growing Mantis team. Vicky joined us as a senior account manager after moving back to the UK from Kuala Lumpur having worked for international tech PR agency, Text 100, handling some major technology brand names.

Amongst her hundreds of attributes displayed to date, there are a couple of areas where Vicky has really shone through. It’s her thoroughness and tenacity that stands out above all else. Not only happy with ‘a bird’s eye view’ of her clients, Vicky fully immerses herself to understand what her clients do at a technology level. And beyond that, she seeks out the individuals, the changes in policy, the government departments and associations that have the potential to impact the commercial success of her clients.

Before joining our team, Vicky had little exposure to the UK public sector space; but in two years she has become our telco, networking, health and social care specialist.  I would doubt there are few individuals in PR land that have the degree of understanding and contacts that Vicky has in this sector.

Vicky is focused on results and is determined to ensure that she, and her team, delivers for clients. She has an uncanny ability to quickly understand market forces and the implications they have on her clients. As such, she is a highly valued member of her clients’ marketing teams. And, for Mantis, we are very grateful for the job she has done and the commitment she continues to show.

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