Mantis welcomes Leke Apena

Written by Eleanor Willock

Mantis welcomes Leke Apena

Our mission to expand our team and fill it with exceptionally bright talent continued in August, as Leke Apena joins us at Mantis. Leke is our latest Senior Account Executive, working in our London office.

Leke has filled Mantis’ fourth newly created role of 2018. He immediately impressed the senior team with his joyful passion for media relations and technology and his three-year experience of driving successful PR campaigns.

I’ve loved every minute at Mantis this year, employing people like Leke, who scare you a little bit with their potential – it’s so rewarding. He has fitted in perfectly to our cohort of account servicers, and we love his drive to get things right first time. Like all our new staff this year, his first week was challenging – two new client kick-off meetings, and a working day in the Bristol office that ended in the inevitable pub trip. He took it all on board and came out the other side.

I’m looking forward to seeing Leke’s campaign contributions in action, particularly his writing, as his degree in English Language has left him with a great love of the power of words, which shines through in his communication style. He also supports the correct football team, which is a relief.

As we move into the last part of the year, Leke isn’t the last new starter for us (watch this space), so his appointment is all the more special as he’s part of creating a peer group for our agency, which, a year ago, didn’t exist. It makes us stronger as an agency, adds breadth to our ability to give clients every layer of consultancy, and, I believe, brings a fresh approach to our thinking when it comes to the public sector and technology.

Welcome Leke, you’re very, very welcome!

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