Toby Gavin
Joint Managing

07912 582003

Toby is jointly responsible for setting the vision and strategy at Mantis. He has developed a working environment that enables the team to confidently express themselves, take responsibility for their campaigns and feel empowered to try new things and constantly strive to go above and beyond.

He is jointly responsible for sales development at Mantis. His strengths lie in leading our team to service clients with energy, enthusiasm and a positive attitude. He provides consultancy on all things happening in the public sector and acutely understands the trends that clients should look to lead and capitalise on. He is a regular speaker at public sector events and contributes regularly to conversations on business transformation and the role technology has to play. He is keenly aligned to key influencer groups and individuals and departments across all sectors of the public sector.

Nana Rodaki

Senior Account Manager

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Gavin Loader

Joint Managing Director

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