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As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to restrict lives in the UK, all public services are pursuing digital strategies with greater purpose.

The door is open for global tech firms to bring innovation to UK public services and deliver life changing tech.

We're already delivering tech PR and comms campaigns to global and EMEA tech businesses from Denmark, the Netherlands, Spain, Israel, Italy, Australia, New Zealand and the USA.


Video interview

Our own Rebecca Paddick interviews industry analyst, Jessica Figueras

Jessica is a tech strategist. She advises start-ups and scale-ups on growth strategy, as well as carrying out tech futures research for the UK Government. Her current interests centre on digital trust, governance, transparency, and the role of tech in civil society.

Previously Jessica ran multi-million pound research programmes for companies including Dods, GlobalData and Ovum.

2020, an incredible year for UK public sector technology

In the interview Jessica says this year has shown what can be achieved in public sector in an extraordinary timeframe.

She says Covid has shone a spotlight on which parts of the public sector can move fast.

Jessica praises schools and GP surgeries, which are not the most digitally mature but have moved the fastest.

Overall, she says something is going right in the public sector tech market; since the introduction of the G-cloud framework, the public sector tech market has become much more competitive with the average number of bids for a tender going up by 30%.

Opportunities for global tech companies

Jess also sees the UK as a good place to do business; open, competitive and open to new suppliers.

She says the UK public sector is open to business no matter where a supplier comes from.

Companies need to keep a firm eye on day to day changes in public sector; suggesting it’s a really dynamic market.

And, the key thing is to find partners that can help to build a market map; what does the market look like, who are the organisations in the market, how do you reach out to them?

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Daily news briefing

We can share news and stories each morning to help keep your teams up to speed on industry developments; deliver competitor battle cards, and insider knowledge on the best conferences to be seen at, awards to enter, frameworks to join and influencers to connect with.


Market opportunities insight

We can put you in touch with our closest partners at Tussell, a team which delivers trusted insights on Government spend, contracts and renewals; Advice Cloud, which makes joining G-Cloud simple and SilverHawk Consultancy which has great knowledge and understanding of public sector procurement frameworks that may relevant for you.


Content creation

Our content strategy for clients, particularly those who are growing, is to provide content that can be adaptable for all uses, and lengths, and formats. We believe that most thematic content is reusable, in a timely way. For example, once featured in the media, thought leadership can be adapted for your blog, or for a conference speech. Webinar decks become digital marketing content. Podcasts become written Q&As.

We can also create:

News/customer stories – this could be around a new product development, contract win or implementation story

Thought-leadership articles –bylined to customers or agreed spokespeople in the business

Rapid response/feature comment – responding to the news agenda

We will be pitching - working proactively with our own agenda and reactively with the media


Earned media coverage

Our tech pr campaigns increase Earned media campaigns - securing media coverage for your business in the target media which speaks to government and broader public sector. This includes content generation, securing media interviews and earned media coverage. We can help you to make the very most of every item of content; editing, pitching and placing content with the journalists that matter most.


Owned media

We create web and digital content for sites and specific content hubs, as well as print copy. We manage blogs, set content strategies, and offer help in the creation of message and tone for all corporate material.


Shared media

We’ll work with you to plan and manage the content for your social channels, creating engagement that makes the impact we’ve planned for.


Measuring impact

To demonstrate value from tech PR campaigns, Mantis follows the AMEC Integrated Evaluation Framework for its campaigns in order to demonstrate the value of the work we are doing. This framework was developed to combat the perception that the impact of PR is difficult.

In our monthly reporting we analyse:

Outputs – pieces of coverage, reach (combined web traffic and circulation), engagement (likes, shares, comments)

Outtakes – response and reaction in the target audience i.e: does it affect their understanding/ opinion of our client?

Outcomes - the effect on the target audience i.e: does it move them closer to purchase?

Impact – on our original business objectives