Tech PR for
public service

There has been a significant amount of policy support for the establishment of spinouts, public sector mutuals and social enterprises in recent years.

But, spinouts face the same tech PR challenges as a commercial enterprise - building awareness, reputation and trust; demonstrating knowledge and value. We can help through our tech PR services.

25% of our current clients have University roots - either Oxbridge, Cranfield or University of London.

Download our behind the scenes spinout interview with Mark Newton, Managing Director of CoSector – University of London.

Download our exclusive interview with Pete Fennell, Cantium’s Head of Marketing, to find out what it is like to move from a career in the private sector to work in the public sector, and in particular, for a LatCo.

James Clay
Listen to our exclusive Podcast with Jisc’s head of higher education and student experience, James Clay, to find out how edtech start-ups can help support a sector that has been so heavily impacted by the pandemic.


Services for spin outs

Content creation

Our content strategy for clients, particularly those who are growing, is to provide content that can be adaptable for all uses, and lengths, and formats. We believe that most thematic content is reusable, in a timely way. For example, once featured in the media, thought leadership can be adapted for your blog, or for a conference speech. Webinar decks become digital marketing content. Podcasts become written Q&As.


Owned media

We create web and digital content for sites and specific content hubs, as well as print copy. We manage blogs, set content strategies, and offer help in the creation of message and tone for all corporate material.


Shared media

We’ll work with you to plan and manage the content for your social channels, creating engagement that makes the impact we’ve planned for.


Earned media

Our tech pr campaigns increase Earned media campaigns – securing media coverage for your business in the target media which speaks to government and broader public sector. This includes content generation, securing media interviews and earned media coverage. We can help you to make the very most of every item of content; editing, pitching and placing content with the journalists that matter most.