Exclusive podcast: Policetech needs new suppliers

Written by Rebecca Paddick

In our very first ‘Tech to Transform’ podcast [they’ll be many more to follow] hosted by Rebecca Paddick, we learn about the challenges and opportunities facing policetech in the UK from Wayne Parks, Chair, National Police Technology Council and Ian bell, CEO of Police ICT, a partner to UK police services and law enforcement organisations.

Quizzed by Rebecca, Wayne and Ian discuss the challenges police services face around investment in technology and the need for more single points of investment. The policetech experts suggest police services face a considerable legacy IT estate with complex governance rules to follow and a lack of maturity in terms of digital adoption.

But, the police services do have pockets of success. There is increasing migration to the cloud across all forces; an increasing use of body worn video and more collaboration around technology. ‘Slowly but surely’, Ian and Wayne suggest police services are starting to work together better and more closely. And, as a customer, as a buying organisation, it is becoming more informed and easy to work with.

During the podcast, Ian and Wayne suggest the policetech market needs new suppliers – new suppliers to revive the marketplace and bring much needed new ideas and innovation.

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