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To reflect our years of experience in tech PR, we have a rich network of partners and affiliates, spanning all public sector services. Find out more about them and how we work together, here.

Jessica Figueras

Jessica is a tech strategist. She advises start-ups and scale-ups on growth strategy, as well as carrying out tech futures research for the UK government. Her current interests centre on digital trust, governance, transparency, and the role of tech in civil society.

Previously Jessica ran multi-million pound research programmes for companies including Dods, GlobalData and Ovum. Over her 25 years in the tech and information industries Jessica has advised senior executives in large established tech businesses as well as many VC-backed scaleups. She is a sought-after commentator and speaker, and as an industry analyst has published extensive research and analysis on the application of emerging technologies across the public sector and regulated industries.

Jessica has an MA from the University of Cambridge and a Diploma in Computing from the Open University. She is Chair of the Board at NCT, the UK’s largest charity for parents.

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Silverhawk Consultancy Services

Bringing over 35 years’ experience in the public sector and a passion for digital service transformation, we can help you successfully get on to one of the various public sector procurement frameworks, especially those on the Digital Marketplace, by providing high level submission advice and support.

But just being on the framework will not guarantee you winning any orders. We can help you win business once you are on the framework, providing mentoring and procurement support. We can also help you understand the seeming impenetrable maze of public sector procurement.

Silverhawk Consultancy Services is led by Tony Singleton OBE, the government digital pioneer and driving force behind G-Cloud and the Digital Market Place.

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Advice Cloud

Advice Cloud are public sector procurement specialists and G-Cloud consultants with over 80 years’ combined experience across all sectors. Having bought over £20m of services through the Digital Marketplace, we provide both public and private organisations with either support for specific parts of the procurement process or an end-to-end service. We work with organisations of all sizes, from large multi-billion global entities to Micro/SME businesses and Start- ups; Central Government Departments, Local Authorities, Blue Light services, Education, Housing, Healthcare/NHS, and more.

For technology suppliers, we offer listing and post award support for various technology frameworks such as G-Cloud, Digital Outcomes & Specialists, Enterprise Software Solutions and many more. For public sector buyers, we offer a range of public sector procurement advice and services, both strategic and operational.

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Tussell was founded in 2015 to fill a gap in the market for the provision of useful and reliable information on what the government is purchasing. We bring clarity and context to this previously opaque market, that accounts for around 10% of UK GDP.

Our market insight helps:

•    Companies to enhance their public sector business development

•    Public sector bodies to get better value from their procurement

•    Capital markets firms to identify investment risks and opportunities

We are enabling better delivery of public services through increased transparency, competition and accountability in government contracting. Effective collaboration across the public and private sectors is at the heart of delivering high-quality public services, and to spreading prosperity across the UK.

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Mark Anderson

With a career in education that spans three decades, Mark Anderson has been a leading light in the field of teaching and learning with technology through his evidence-led approaches to integrating technology and artificial intelligence in education. With a background of more than twenty years as a distinguished teacher and leader, Mark transitioned from the classroom and leadership to support schools and has worked with many thousands of educators, leaders and institutions with his strategic insights into teaching and learning with technology and AI.

As an award-winning author, Mark’s “Perfect ICT” became an Amazon best-seller, and his blog has been recognised with multiple awards, including the UK Education Blog of the Year. His latest book, “The EdTech Playbook,” is receiving widespread acclaim, reinforcing his status as a preeminent thought leader in educational technology and AI.

In his roles, including Independent Thinking Associate, Founder of Global EdTech and the Global EdTech Awards, Founding Fellow of the Chartered College of Teaching, member of the Schools and Colleges Committee for the Chartered Institute of IT (BCS) and Head of Education at NetSupport, Mark’s work focuses on promoting evidence-informed approaches to teaching and learning with (and without) technology and empowering educators to utilise AI and technology to enhance learning outcomes. 

His expertise is sought after worldwide, where he serves as a keynote speaker and strategic consultant, driving forward the agenda for effective and impactful use of technology in education.

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