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Mantis wins Chorus Intelligence, scores the BBC


In recent months, we have been given the opportunity to see how one of our client’s technologies is really making a demonstrable difference to public safety specifically – in a way that we can all identify with – and we’ve got really excited about it.

Our client Chorus is transforming the way that the police investigates and solves crime. As a trusted partner of law enforcement agencies and, nearly all of UK police forces, the company provides data cleansing and analysis that enables police analysts and investigators to process information quickly to find leads and build evidence in a matter of minutes, rather than weeks. The analysis makes sure officers are out on the streets, and not stuck behind desks, trawling through mountains of data.


Following the end of a high-profile case county lines case, Mantis saw the opportunity to bring Chorus to a national audience and secured a broadcast interview with BBC News’ Midlands Correspondent, Sima Kotecha for a first look at the technology the police is using to solve county lines crime. 

Working alongside Chorus’ force customer, the filming took place in the Intelligence room of the force HQ, with interviews from Chorus’ Customer Relations Director, Richard Helson, the Chief Superintendent and a demonstration of the technology used in the case to track and piece together the movements of the suspects.


For now the results from our first four months working together are worth a look: 

  • A broadcast interview secured with Sima Kotecha, the Midlands correspondent for BBC News
  • A face-to-face interview secured with Computer Business Review 
  • Press coverage secured across all of the key police trade magazines for the launch of Chorus Investigator 
  • Numerous business leads generated for the client, directly from press coverage