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We really understand the healthtech, medtech, socialcare, govtech and edtech industries. Drawing on decades of experience, we can provide accurate, informed insight to support your sales, marketing and tech PR campaigns, and management team. We can deliver this via our morning news service, competitor intelligence service or the Mantis Industry Enrichment Service.

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Mantis provides intelligence services to support Contino's Govtech push

Campaign activities

Mantis initially ran a six month PR and influencer relations project for Contino, beginning in May 2017, targeting key public sector influencers. The campaign focused on raising awareness of the issues faced by Government IT departments in moving away from large, incumbent outsourced IT vendors, which no longer represent good value for money for the UK taxpayer, and encourage IT departments to build up skills in house and adopt DevOps and cloud computing. Mantis will continue to support Contino through PR and influencer relations and has an expanded remit to support the public sector team through the delivery of industry insights, knowledge and trends in public sector IT, automation, DevOps and Cloud Computing.

Campaign outputs

  • Trends Reports – over a period of 12-months, the Mantis team delivered a monthly trends report to Contino covering the news, topics, and issues that are being written about in the media and relevant to Contino’s new business development and sales teams
  • Competitor Reports – The team also produced monthly competitor reports which highlighted the major news stories and announcements from Contino’s top5 competitors

Campaign outcomes and results

  • A more knowledge and informed sales and new business development team
  • Increased ability to shape messages and storylines to combat competitive threats


The Mantis Morning News Intelligence Service

Stay on top of industry developments; introduce, agility and timeliness to your campaigns. The Mantis morning news service uses our own internal tools that monitor developments from in excess of 200 news sites, trade associations and government departments and bodies. More accurate than a machine drive system, each morning our team manually reviews relevant news and developments and delivers it in a succinct format to our clients before the start of the working day.

The Mantis morning news provides timely intelligence, delivered to me and my team pre the start of our working day keeps us informed on industry developments, technology landscape, deployments and competitors. It informs our wider marketing plans and provides a platform for us and the team at Mantis to hijack news and issues, ensuring we are aligned and associated with the areas we want to be.

Claire O’Toole, Marketing Manager, OCF


The Mantis Competitor Intelligence Service

Monthly insight into your competitors, customer, corporate and product news. Shape your thinking, your offer and ensure differentiation.

The competitor report from Mantis is of great value to my marketing team from a corporate and product positioning standpoint, but also to me as a managing director. It helps me think about my market in a much bigger context – from competitive differentiation, to identifying potential partners and acquisition targets. Where possible, I need to know my competitions’ every step and this service from Mantis helps inform my own market understanding and also my own company’s strategy.

Julian Fielden, managing director, OCF


Industry Enrichment Service

Fast intelligence briefings on any aspect of the public sector

Our Industry Enrichment service provides clients with extra background intelligence on areas of the public sector, quickly and in a completely digestible format. We use our own experience, contacts and research to deliver content directly to you that helps you:

  • Understand what’s going on in that particular area right now
  • Shape your presentations and conversations with prospects and customers
  • Have instant access to statistics and current viewpoints
  • Quote sources and show understanding of the news agenda
  • Know public sector priorities and pain points in order to help early engagements

Our Industry Enrichment service helps clients feel instantly confident, whether it’s in a new market area or one you’re revisiting. We think it’s most suitable for:

  • People who need to get up to speed with new customers, departments, regions etc very quickly
  • Teams or individuals working on long-term deployments who need to understand the customer and its stakeholders
  • Teams or individuals who need to understand particular policies or policy areas and their backgrounds, fast
  • People or teams who are new to your business and onboarding remotely, who need to understand parts of the public sector and its relationship to technology and digital in- depth
  • Staff who’d like the extra comfort of enriched knowledge on a very specific subject, to boost their gravitas at events or customer engagements

Package 1) Light-touch enrichment

Best suited for understanding: government departments, local government bodies, trusts, CCGs, police forces, universities, third sector organisations

On demand, comprehensive briefing paper on a specific public sector body. Includes:

  • Current objectives and priorities
  • Notable staff and their profiles
  • Recent media and social postings
  • Relevant spend figures and finances
  • Achievements and missed targets
  • Reputation analysis and potential pain points
  • Connections and preferred suppliers
  • Event attendance and networking opportunities

£1000 per briefing, 48 hr delivery

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Package 2) Regular industry enrichment

Best suited for understanding: health and social care policy, devolved decision-making, education (EYFS-HE), criminal justice, local government, large transformation projects

On demand briefing paper on the key developments in a sector, sub sector or policy area. Includes:

  • Policy developments and changes
  • Ministerial/civil service staff involved in developments (profiles, backgrounds)
  • Media and social media roundup of developments
  • Working groups, committees and PMQs on subject
  • Pressure group/think tank and policy advisor activity
  • Civilian reaction/public perception information
  • Relevant competitor vendor news and comment
  • Relevant events/feedback/consultations on subject (upcoming)

£1500 per briefing, 72 hr delivery

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Package 3) Integrated enrichment

Best suited for: individuals and teams with longer-range marketing plans to enter new markets in place, those looking to quicken procurement cycles, those with sales teams that need short-notice but guaranteed support.

Retained commitment to receive 12 briefing papers (1 per month, or on demand as required) on either sector, sub sector, policy or public sector body, as detailed in short and mid term packages.

£10k per annum for 12 papers, 72 hrs notice per paper

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