We provide accurate, informed insight on the public sector technology industry to support your sales, marketing and management teams.

Collectively, we have over 50 years experience of technology and 25 years dedicated to public sector tech. We can provide ongoing intelligence through our public sector insight partner Global Data.



The Mantis Morning News Intelligence Service

Budget required: £500 per month

Stay on top of industry developments; introduce, agility and timeliness to your campaigns. The Mantis morning news service uses our own internal tools that monitor developments from in excess of 200 news sites, trade associations and government departments and bodies. More accurate than a machine drive system, each morning our team manually reviews relevant news and developments and delivers it in a succinct format to our clients before the start of the working day.

“The Mantis morning news provides timely intelligence, delivered to me and my team pre the start of our working day keeps us informed on industry developments, technology landscape, deployments and competitors. It informs our wider marketing plans and provides a platform for us and the team at Mantis to hijack news and issues, ensuring we are aligned and associated with the areas we want to be.”

Claire O’Toole, Marketing Manager, OCF

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The Mantis Competitor Intelligence Service

Budget required: £250–500 per month

Monthly insight into your competitors, customer, corporate and product news. Shape your thinking, your offer and ensure differentiation.

“The competitor report from Mantis is of great value to my marketing team from a corporate and product positioning standpoint, but also to me as a managing director. It helps me think about my market in a much bigger context – from competitive differentiation, to identifying potential partners and acquisition targets. Where possible, I need to know my competitions’ every step and this service from Mantis helps inform my own market understanding and also my own company’s strategy.”

Julian Fielden, managing director, OCF

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The Mantis and Global Data Market Intelligence Service

Budget required: £5k annual subscription

If you are an SME IT company selling into the public sector and need to better understand the buyer market, or what buyers are interested in, or what contracts are coming to an end, then you will most likely benefit from the exclusive relationship that Mantis PR has with the public sector market intelligence firm, Global Data.

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