Navigating government procurement – local vs central

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Are you a tech supplier looking to get ahead when it comes to government procurement? Whether you’re targeting local councils or central government departments, understanding the nuances of each sector is key for success. Tussell, a trusted source of insight into UK public procurement, recently aired an informative episode of its Public Sector Sales Podcast dedicated to exploring the differences between selling to local versus central government bodies.  

It explores the key differences when it comes to selling to local and central government. While local government procurement demands a tailored approach to meet local needs and priorities, central government procurement focuses more on national priorities. Central government procurement bids tend to be more structured, with specific guidelines and character limits – while local government bids allow for a bit more creativity. 

Understanding these nuances is key for suppliers looking to navigate the government procurement landscape successfully. By tailoring your approach and strategies to meet the unique requirements of each sector, suppliers can enhance their chances of securing contracts and delivering long term value.  

Here are the key considerations for selling to the public sector: 

Tailor your approach – One size does not fit all when it comes to public sector sales. Successful suppliers recognise the importance of creating bespoke solutions or demonstrating a deep understanding of local challenges.  

Navigate the regulations – Selling to the public sector inevitably involves navigating a maze of processes. From framework agreements to competitive tenders, suppliers must familiarise themselves with the various channels used and the regulatory landscape, including GDPR. 

Embedding social value –  There’s a noticeable shift in government procurement towards social value. Suppliers need to be prepared to address this aspect in their bids, as social value increasingly influences procurement decisions.  

Build trust and credibility – Trust is the foundation for sales success. Whether you’re working with local councils or central government departments, suppliers must establish themselves as reliable partners with a proven track record for delivering value. This means forging long-term relationships with customers, demonstrating transparency and showcasing expertise in the sector.  

If you’re looking to refine your communications strategy to target central and local government audiences, our team is here to help. Get in touch with us today to learn how we’ve supported our clients in this complex sector. 

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