Q&A: Ryan Crowe spills the tea  

Written by Mantis PR

Account Executive Ryan Crowe is in the hot seat this week and spills the tea on entering the world of PR and all things media.


1. How long have you been in the Mantis team at Ruder Finn and what’s your role?

I’ve been with Mantis for a year-and-a-half now. As an Account Executive, this role involves a variety of tasks aimed at supporting the team in delivering results. With a background in marketing communications, transitioning into PR felt like a natural step. Where I now have the opportunity to work for innovative public sector tech clients that make a real difference to society. Learning about how their tech solutions improve government, education and health and social care services is so interesting.

2. What do you enjoy most about working at one of the world’s largest independent global communications and creative agencies?

The variety of clients that we work with, and support in building their profile. I love the agency life as you just never know what to expect. One minute you can be working on a gov tech for good campaign, and then you’re delving into medical breakthroughs. I’ve been lucky enough to work right across our public sector and healthcare client base, and it’s a fascinating journey.

3. As our most recent hire, how have you found the transition as a Junior Account Executive to an Account Executive?

Starting as a grad, I was given plenty of opportunities to test myself in all areas of the business, through different tasks and responsibilities, and this has allowed me to find my strengths and what I enjoy the most. The company has provided me with a number of opportunities to develop through attending training sessions to further develop my knowledge and skills.

4. What most excites you about working with companies in public sector tech?

Working with companies who are making a difference in the public sector gives me a unique sense of purpose as the work they are doing directly impacts the community. Digitalisation is leading to more efficient and streamlined processes across our public services and is improving outcomes for the public. We’re also starting to see AI being leveraged to improve decision making. The opportunities are endless, and I love getting stuck in and finding out about the latest development in public sector tech.

5. Finally… how do you take your tea?

Rooibos tea is my go-to, with a touch of milk and served with a buttermilk rusk.

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