#6 PR and the investor lifecycle

Written by Eleanor Willock

In our latest podcast, ‘PR and the investor lifecycle’, Mantis’ Rebecca Paddick and Eleanor Willock shine a light for tech companies on the positive UK conditions for capital raising and what the opportunities and hurdles are in 2021.

You will hear from

  • Neil Shah, technology sector specialist at the London Stock Exchange giving his take on a recent TechNation report, and how PR plays a part in raising capital,
  • Monika Radclyffe, Centre Director at SETsquared Bristol, on what incubators look for when supplying capital, and the rapid growth trajectory of the UK start-up community and,
  • Henry Humphreys, a Partner at investment specialist firm Humphreys Law on the common traits shared by successfully funded businesses and some of the biggest challenges to securing investment.

Specific learnings from this podcast include:

  • Notable and common trends that a company already has and needs when it joins a global business incubator
  • Essential behaviours and traits for high growth companies
  • How investors balance the decision making processes when committing funds
  • The tech that is attractive to the investment community right now
  • The mood and temperature amongst the tech investor community
  • How PR helps the investment process; why a PR firm is needed to make a story crisp and concise
  • What investors want to read about when researching tech companies; why investors want to understand public perception of a company and the reputation of the management team
  • Whether investors value the personality and gravitas of the founders more or less than the capability of the product or service