#13 The use of data and the ethics of AI in the NHS

Written by Luke Allsop
In the first Tech To Transform podcast of 2022, Mantis MD Eleanor Willock delves into the use of data and the ethics of AI in the NHS.

Eleanor spoke to Sam Gilbert, author of Good Data: An Optimist’s Guide to Our Digital Future, and Daniel Bamford, Deputy Director AI Award, Accelerated Access Collaborative at NHS England, on what NHSE is doing to fund AI innovation.

They discussed how machine learning is already transforming 80,000 clinical pathways, and looked at reasons to be optimistic about how good data can make a positive difference.

They also questioned whether the NHS has that good data, and whether public sector tech companies should focus on other markets to attract investors.
And, they explained why switching the radio to Heart FM is the first thing they’ll all be doing on their imaginary taxi ride with Sajid Javid.

Take a listen.