We can help identify risks, plan, prepare and practice for a crisis event. Mantis can look at your business and help you identify risk issues that could cause both internal and external communication crises. Our experienced team can help you plan for the advent of a major incident and devise a strategy for communications during a crisis for your business, or that of your customers. We can provide advice on how to work with the media, across social media, and other public relations channels, during times of corporate pressure. We can also simulate crisis situations to provide your team with training and experience.


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One of our clients – in the health and social care sector – wanted to ensure that it was as prepared as possible for any potential issues or crises that could negatively impact its business.


Stage 1: Conducted formal interviews with the senior management team to understand their views on potential events or issues. We collated and analysed the key trends to identify immediate areas of improvement.

Stage 2: We produced an online survey for the management team to reach agreement on the most likely and most serious events identified. The management ranked each event on a scale according to likelihood and seriousness.

Stage 3: Enhancements were made to our client’s existing crisis process.


  • 17 potential events were identified
  • A guidance document, with early intervention recommendations, was drafted for the senior management team
  • Ongoing communications support in the unlikely event that any crisis does actually occur