Case study: Promoting Carelink’s HSCN expertise

Eight months ago, we started working with Carelink - one of a few vendors looking to capitalise on the significant opportunities presented by the Health & Social Care Network [HSCN] - to fine tune its reputation and build the company's profile

We’ve taken our training dark, really dark!

Last month, as part of my ongoing scheme to get interesting folks to come to Mantis and teach us something we don’t know, things got a bit dark.

Welcoming latest recruit – Jo Clark. But who the devil is she?

It’s a great week for winners, and for expanding one’s stable of talent.

What is the role of data in measuring PR success?

Each PR manager, agency or in-house, has their own way of measuring the success of a campaign. It’s often a fairly nuanced process based on the needs of your clients and their view of success.

It’s another financial quarter gone for us!!!

It’s another financial quarter gone for us. November to January is never normally my favourite – it’s both our quietest and most busy months all at the same time

Experiencing the NHS front line

What’s it like to be the Director of Communications for a Foundation Trust?

PR and marketing are integral to making public sector sales

Read how we have partnered with the superb team over at Advice Cloud to help suppliers sell more to the public sector. 

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