It must be my face – will backdoor apps make us love facial recognition tech?

Facial recognition tech is trending on Twitter this morning, as #FaceApp makes another viral sweep of the world.

Making content count for our clients and their customers

As a communications practitioner

I want to get under the skin of my clients’ business

So I can deliver impactful campaigns

Discoveries made at Bristol’s Tech Fusion event

Bristol has been up and coming as one of the biggest tech hubs in the UK outside of London. Working in an office just a stone’s throw from the country’s most innovative companies, I can certainly believe that.

Shaping policing policy with Chorus Intelligence and Mantis

Influencing policing policy - the Mantis way

What is so dark about moving to the dark side?

6 months at Mantis – how my journey to ‘the dark side’ just keeps getting brighter

Coping with a media crisis

Read what our special projects and client services director had to say to Practice Business - a resource for practice managers and GPs

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