Why we’re no longer offering media training

We consigned Mantis’ media training collateral to the archives, recently. It was a tried and over-tested formula, and not unique by any means. And here's why...

The wire, a crime against PR?

No, not the Baltimore-based crime drama, but a service used by organisations and PRs to distribute news stories to journalists/bloggers and online sites.

It’s someone’s anniversary – and we are dead chuffed she is with us.

2 years in, and plenty more to look forward to. A real gem

Breaking records, setting new targets

Bumper quarter for Mantis

Influencing the influencers

Is there still a tendency to think of coverage in traditional media, and increasingly social media, as the most effective way to galvanize people to do or feel something positive about your brand?

New projects, new clients, new horizons? We are recruiting, now!

We are looking for a new team member – senior account executive level.

Stolen shoes and fake news

Before you criticize a man, walk a mile in his shoes

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