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Mantis provides PR and communication services to technology companies selling to the UK public sector. Our services span content creation and outreach via earned, paid for, shared and owned media. We are passionate about working with clients that want to make a difference to society and change lives.

Everyone at Mantis firmly believes that technology can provide a better future for us all, improve society, save lives and empower citizens. We have worked with companies of all sizes, from the very small to the multimillion pound organisations. We have worked with the majority of NHS trusts, local authorities, emergency services, central government departments and industry associations to help tell our clients’ stories.

We are experts in a very specific field – creating messages, storylines and content about the technology, services and ideas that the public sector is using.

Our work

Clients choose Mantis because they value our specialism and need our expert help in making an impact on the public sector. A generalist agency, even if they are a tech one, simply doesn’t have the depth of understanding and level of contacts that a specialist does. Generating outcomes in the public sector - one of the most complex, protocol based communications verticals in the UK - takes experience, tenacity and creativity, which Mantis delivers.


Pieces of earned media generated for 20 clients in 2019


Public sector customers converted into engaged client advocates in 2019


Pieces of owned content for 20 clients up over 33% in 2019

Our services


We really understand the public sector technology industry. Drawing on decades of experience, we can provide accurate, informed insight to support your sales, marketing and management teams.

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Content creation

We are experts in a very specific area – creating messages, storylines and content about the technology, services and ideas that the public sector is using. We help our clients become, and stay relevant in this area by devising and delivering earned, paid, shared and owned content strategies for them.

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Earned media communications

We create customer stories, news and thought leadership using the narratives that you have to create solid outcomes in the technology, public sector, national and broadcast media. We help you set the strategy that will have the most impact.

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Owned media

We create web and digital content for sites and specific content hubs, as well as print copy. We manage blogs, set content strategies, and offer help in the creation of message and tone for all corporate material.

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Shared media

We’ll work with you to plan and manage the content for your social channels, creating engagement that makes the impact we’ve planned for.

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Paid-for media

We believe paid media campaigns can have a place in our impact-focused strategies. We manage your content marketing needs and create intelligent, outcome driven copy communicated via advertorials and paid-social to drive leads to your digital presence.

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Our sector experience

Latest News

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