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Because IT can…
improve society.save lives.empower citizens.provide a better
future for us all.

IT can fundamentally improve society whereby all citizens benefit from the very best healthcare, local services, education and easier interactions with central, local government and other public services.

At Mantis, we help technology providers tell stories using clever content circulated through the right channels, to reach the right people. We get technology vendors known by the individuals, departments and organisations across the public sector. Public sector technology is our specialism – that means we know better than most the reasons why buyers buy, we know the key protagonists across the sector and we know every single journalist, editor and influential group that wants to listen to and tell your story.

Market Scale
Facts & Figures

UK Public Sector technology marketplace is a multi-billion pound market annually. Cost cutting, efficiency gains, increased patient safety, better learning outcomes are driving a digital by default agenda across the public sector. Are you known? Do your messages resonate with your buyers, do you have public champions? Failure in any one of those areas compromises your market potential.


Spent in the public sector on tech 2015/2016


Healthcare IT spend in 2015/2016


Local Government IT spend in 2015/2016

Our services


We provide accurate, informed insight on the public sector technology industry to support your sales, marketing and management teams.

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Content Marketing

We deliver compelling content to communicate messages, stories and successes to influencers and directly to stakeholders – increasing their awareness and understanding of your business.

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Media and Influencer Communications

Our knowledge and relationships with public sector tech journalists, editors and industry influencers is unrivalled – we work with them to increase awareness and understanding of your business.

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Internal Communications

We review existing internal comms procedures, design internal comms plans around your people, messages and preferred communications channels.

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Crisis Communications

We can help identify risks, plan, prepare and practice for a crisis event. Mantis can look at your business and help you identify risk issues that could cause both internal and external communication crises. Our experienced team can help you plan for the advent of a major incident and devise a strategy for communications during a crisis for your business, or that of your customers. We can provide advice on how to work with the media, across social media, and other public relations channels, during times of corporate pressure. We can also simulate crisis situations to provide your team with training and experience.

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Customer Advocacy

We turn your public sector customers into advocates for your products & services.

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Our sector experience

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