Nobody likes you when you’re (turning) 23

Written by Caitlin Napier

One of the best things about having a birthday in the middle of summer is that the weather is usually (fingers crossed) decent, daylight hours are abundant for nice outings, and, during childhood, I had the benefit for never having had to attend school on the day.

A benefit I didn’t anticipate when joining Mantis PR was the continued enjoyment of a day off at this time. Since my birthday was on a Sunday this year, I was permitted the Monday off and enjoyed an extended weekend of seeing my early twenties slipping further away with afternoon tea, shopping, and sun bathing.

Among the many great things about working where I do, among flexibility, home-working and a Mantis Anniversary day off, a birthday day off is certainly a good touch. This being an annual, guaranteed day off on the same day is even better – a nice way of being able to make the day the way a birthday should be, which involves cake, a lie-in, and being spoiled by your nearest and dearest. Who wouldn’t want that?

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