Healthtech case study: the next right thing

Written by Eleanor Willock

You’d need a microscope to find the fine line that exists between shouting into space about your freeware during COVID-19, and trying to show the difference the thing you’ve invented could possibly make, if given the chance. And let’s face it, most microscopes have pretty full agendas at the moment.

Opening up the pricing, or lack of, on products and services for the public sector is absolutely the right thing to do. But, a lot of truly life-changing tech has been pushed under the ice by the blast of louder, more expensive rescue boats mooring up and shadowing the landscape. And then, of course, there’s the usual public sector problem, the procurement rules switched again, right when you needed them most.

We’ve been giving the same advice to clients wanting to discuss their COVID-19 offerings. Most importantly, asking the question, if you go out with this, will you be able to fulfil your promises, on a doily-thin supply chain and reduced team? How will doing this affect your existing customers, what’s the focus there? And, most importantly from the media perspective, who has already benefitted from your decision to offer this, how are they using it, and what has it changed?

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