Standing out from the crowd in a booming healthtech market

Written by Lauren Gill

“Technology is a means to an end, the end is better life chances, the end is tackling Covid and of course finding a vaccine, the end is spotting links that couldn’t be spotted without the modern use of health technology.”

The words of Health Secretary Matt Hancock at last week’s London Tech Week, as the UK government unveiled a combined £82 million investment in healthtech research and AI projects.

Without doubt, all eyes are on the healthtech sector to come up with the solutions to some of society’s biggest challenges. And as demand increases, so too does the number of firms looking to take a slice of the market.

The healthtech industry is booming with lots of new entrants – from start-ups to tech SME’s from outside the public sector, we are also seeing firms from other countries look to expand their presence around the globe.

So how do you stand out from the crowd in a booming healthtech marketplace? What is the single most important communications strategy which will ensure you are taken seriously?

Returning to Hancock’s speech, it is about communicating how your technology will have an impact on real people. The intricacies of how it works are well and good – but you need to tell and show people how it will change, improve and even save lives if you want them to really sit up and listen.

At Mantis, we are proud to help our healthtech clients do just that every day and play a part in helping them to solve society’s problems.

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