UK public sector presence for global tech firms

Written by Lauren Gill

With the transition period following the UK’s departure from the EU almost at an end, the Government’s ambitious plans to attract international firms to do business here are in full swing. And the opportunity for companies developing tech for the full breadth of the public sector is huge.

From local government to the NHS, we’ve witnessed UK public sector organisations innovating their way through the coronavirus crisis – delivering a decade of digital transformation in a matter of months.

There are more turbulent times ahead with huge pressure on the public purse, but public sector leadership has largely bought into the case for spending now to save later – and is looking to govtech, healthtech and edtech to help drive efficiencies while improving quality, access and outcomes for people.

So, while the UK has decided to chart its own path forwards, it is still very much looking outwards and inviting in the solutions which will make a difference to people’s lives. The question is: how can international firms get in on the action?

The starting point for any strategy is getting the communications right in order to build your presence in the public sector. It can be a notoriously difficult nut to crack, but the rewards are worth it.

In over a decade of specialising in developing PR campaigns for tech companies selling to the UK public sector, we understand the rules of the game. As with any market, there are nuances in the UK so campaigns need to be tailored and targeted.

Generating awareness of your business, products and services in the public sector – by joining the conversations which are happening and demonstrating how your solutions are making a difference through clever storytelling – will set you up for success in this dynamic market.

Get in touch to find out how we can help you make your mark here in the UK.

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