We turn your public sector customers into advocates for your products & services.

We have delivered approved customer references for every single client we have ever worked with across all sectors of the public sector. We develop a real sense of trust with our clients customers ensuring they continue to support outreach campaigns from customer news announcements, case studies, award entries, speaker slots and guest blogs. Our clients' customers have consistently rated us 'amazing' or 'good' in our end of project satisfaction survey. We have never failed to secure press coverage for a client's customer story.


eMedLab Case Study


eMedLab built a cloud based £9m supercomputer and big data system. It would store medical research data securely and safely – making it available to hundreds of researchers globally.

For our client OCF, this was an opportunity to demonstrate its integration skills in the new world of cloud-based supercomputers and big data. But it required a collaborative PR and communications plan with eMedLab and its partners.


‘Committed collaboration’ would be most effective approach to publicising the project. Competing against the other vendors to publicise their involvement would be counter-intuitive.

Using the Mantis team as conduit to all of the suppliers would reduce burden on the eMedLab team and we could ensure that the content created would benefit everyone.

A big bang approach to the promotion of the story would limit our opportunities, so we opted for spreading our efforts over several months.


  • Media interviews between eMedLab and Computer Weekly, Computing, CRN and Scientific Computing World.
  • Media announcement distributed to a wider audience securing 12 dedicated, positive media articles
  • Drafted and placed two opinion articles
  • UK Cloud Awards entering and winning!


The Mantis Discovery Exercise

Budget required: £2.5k
Time to completion: 3-days

To ensure our campaigns never run dry, we deploy the Mantis Discovery Exercise every six months. A series of phone and face-to-face interviews with your team, the Exercise ensures we have a constant supply of fresh, relevant and use-able ideas. By using the Mantis Discovery Exercise at the beginning of a campaign we can hit the ground running, and develop a pipeline of compelling content to maintain your presence in the media from day one.

“After winning our account, Mantis completed their discovery exercise meeting with eight BridgeHead staff from across the business, including our CEO. The Exercise enabled the Mantis team to extract, work-through and prioritise a pipeline of potential PR activities, from customer stories through to topical thought leadership pieces. This culminated in a quick fire PR programme that led to coverage within the 1st month and led to a cover story of one of top tier target publications.”

John McCann, VP of marketing, BridgeHead Software

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