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Our knowledge and relationships with public sector tech journalists, editors and industry influencers is unrivalled – we work with them to increase awareness and understanding of your business.

We secure, host and manage hundreds of media interviews with our clients each year. We know how to work with the media to ensure our clients are known by the right individuals and organisations and for the right things.


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Global Data Case Study


Kable – now Global Data – the public sector technology analyst firm, asked Mantis to support its ongoing PR efforts. Pre this, the Global Data team – lead by chief analyst Jessica Figueras, had managed its own profile and reputation working through a small group of media. It lacked scale and was reactive.


  • Build a better profile with a wider audience of individuals
  • Raise the company’s profile with large businesses but also, for the first time, SMBs
  • Increase the company’s profile with IT buyers across all public sector
  • Lead the debate on key public sector technology issues


We didn’t want to see Global Data become a ‘rent-a-quote’ organisation – responding to every media opportunity. We prioritised those comments, content and interview requests around specific issues.

We were targeted on the audiences that Global Data wanted to reach. That meant taking Global Data outside of its comfort zone and into the SMB media.


  • 17 opinion pieces
  • Comments in 11 articles – to influence debates
  • 47 press articles in total between November 15 and January 17


The Mantis Awareness Survey

Budget required: £800 – £1,000
Time to completion: 1–2 weeks

Your communications activity including PR, marketing and social, and its impact on your buying audience, can now be measured at a business level using the Mantis Market Awareness Survey. Best performed every six to twelve months, our survey will help you to understand: brand awareness, your perception, the visibility of your comms activity and the likelihood of your audience to take action to engage with your business within the next 12-months.

“When we first engaged with Mantis, we needed an agency that would help us increase our profile against our competitors in the public sector space; but at the same time we wanted to ensure our targets knew Stone Group for the right things. Mantis kicked off our campaign with their Profile Survey and Perception Audit to establish a base from which to measure progress in 12 months time. Roll on 12 months and our profile in core growth markets for us was 20 percentage points higher in health and local government versus the previous 12 months – and 80 percent of those audited understood our business and our offer – up 40 per cent over the previous year.”

Daley Robinson, Marketing Director, Stone Group

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The Mantis Stakeholder Perception Audit

Budget required: £4k
Time to completion: 3–4 weeks

This will help you to understand the overall impact of communications activities on the perception of your business. It focuses on those closest to the business, your internal and external stakeholders, for example staff, partners, customers, ex-customers. The Audit will equip you with qualitative, factual and detailed information on the penetration of your brand descriptor, messaging, strengths and weaknesses.

“The Mantis led perception audit provided us with an excellent insight as to how our business was viewed by all our key stakeholder groups and formed the cornerstone of a more general strategic review. I think staff really appreciated being asked for their opinions and bought into a lot of the subsequent changes made. The audit itself was impartial, thorough and the output concise. We valued it so much that we asked Mantis to conduct another audit some 12 months later.”

Richard Bennett, Executive director and co-founder of Updata Infrastructure

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The Mantis Discovery Exercise

Budget required: £2.5k
Time to completion: 3 days

To ensure our campaigns never run dry, we deploy the Mantis Discovery Exercise every six months. A series of phone and face-to-face interviews with your team, the Exercise ensures we have a constant supply of fresh, relevant and use-able ideas. By using the Mantis Discovery Exercise at the beginning of a campaign we can hit the ground running, and develop a pipeline of compelling content to maintain your presence in the media from day one.

“After winning our account, Mantis completed their discovery exercise meeting with eight BridgeHead staff from across the business, including our CEO. The Exercise enabled the Mantis team to extract, work-through and prioritise a pipeline of potential PR activities, from customer stories through to topical thought leadership pieces. This culminated in a quick fire PR programme that led to coverage within the 1st month and led to a cover story of one of top tier target publications.”

John McCann, VP of marketing, BridgeHead Software

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Mantis Spokesperson Training

Budget required: £3k
Time to completion: 6 hour session plus 2 days preparation and post session reporting

Journalists are under pressure to develop good quality content and news quickly. It’s essential that our clients can concisely articulate messages, news, views and stories. The Mantis spokesperson training session is an intensive one-day session and attendees finish the day armed, ready and confident to engage with the media and start to tell their stories.

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