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TWENTY #Govtech podcasts for 2020

To give you a flavour of our recommended public sector, IT and work related podcasts, we asked our team to put forward one industry show that they would recommend as well as personal favourite for good measure! Here is the Mantis top 20 for 2020:

Digital in the Public Sector – join the debate

Join me as facilitator, and a great panel, for conversation and questions on civil service culture around digital transformation, enablement, skills and emerging trends. The event is organised as part of the SW/LIT (South West Leaders in Tech) series

Publicity and communications during the pre-election period

With the UK once again heading to the polls, we've put together a checklist for those planning to put out communications related to the public sector during the pre-election period (Purdah)

Why Mantis is my ‘work heaven’

Having worked in B2B tech for most of my PR career, I was nervous to leave my previous job for ‘just another B2B tech agency’.

Mantis snaps up former public sector tech journalist as part of business expansion

Mantis Appoints ex-Managing Editor of University Business, Education Technology as Senior Account Manager