In a state of lockdown, restricted budgets and a demanding public, councils up and down the country have no choice but to knock down barriers to change and embrace digital. Whether it be getting to grips with remote working technology so that council staff can continue to do their jobs; creating new workflows and citizen-facing forms to administer business grants, or sharing the important information people need to know about what is happening in their area – digital will help local government to deliver. As a tech supplier, do you need help communicating your tech pr story to local government?


Localgov, a smart city story for smart influencers


One company that really excites us at the moment is Connexin which builds smarter connected cities. We’ve been working on a variety of projects with Connexin; the first revealing the direct impact the team is having on their home city of Hull.

Hull has become the first city in the UK to benefit from its own purpose-built Smart City Operating System – to become a programmable city, courtesy of Connexin. Connecting essential council services such as lighting, parking, traffic, waste management and Wi-Fi deployments, and integrating them into single software platform. By centralising this information, it can be analysed and used to promote a better quality of life.


We were tasked with targeting Connexin’s key buying audiences via IT and public sector Earned media. We worked with Connexin, Cisco’s Smart City PR team, and the comms manager at Hull City Council, and led the content development. We decided which media to target and which to prioritise with exclusives and interviews, which we then managed.


We secured 22 articles [with a 36,852,061 potential reach] including:

Needless to say, we were very happy with this result and it was a great way to kick start the relationship. Connexin and its customers have such good stories to tell, and we relish the opportunity to tell them.